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With years of experience, we aim to promote the cultivation of aquatic plants in Australia. Venturing into the planting world six years back with just an ambition of an online aquatic nursery at hand, we have now flourished into a five-star aquatic plant provider.

We at Aqua Flora Solutions endeavour to serve you with both plants and knowledge in equal measure. We aim to turn your potential water garden into the main attraction of your outdoor gardening experience. And along the road, a lively part of your local ecosystem, helping flora and fauna co-exist with us and re-integrating the natural world into Australian society.

Whether it be with a serene and sublime garden or a soothing and humble potted plant, we assure you that acquiring a water plant will be worth it. Water plants are not just beautiful, but they are hardy, robust, and some may need barely any maintenance at all. And others not much more than a few weeks at a time for only a portion of the year.

We are an online Australian-owned and Australian-throughout provider of aquatic florae, water plants, hydrophytes. We have a store for you to start shopping in and a repository for you to start reading. If you are not confident about where to start, then ask, and we’ll give you a recommendation if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or if you’re an expert at this type of thing already. Let us know through the contact details of our email or social media. Join our newsletter or our Facebook group for updates on seasonal specials and updates in general.

Our shop hosts a wide variety of quality products for the pond, the plant, and even the fish. We have pumps and filters for dirty and clean ponds, and we have tanks, meters, and liners for all routine situations. We also have fertiliser and seeds for all kinds of water plants, though some are seasonable, so don’t miss out, or else you’ll have to wait a year! We also offer fish products since these critters of the river or sea can work in harmonious tandem with our hydrophytes. They are also pleasant on their own, so why wouldn’t we want them?

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Aquaflora Solutions have an extraordinary team. Our squad members are highly skilled and possess diverse knowledge in propagation and growing plants in your landscape design. Our team is ready to answer your comments, questions, and concerns regarding water plants – i.e., give you Aqua Flora Solutions. If your question stumps even us, we’ll find out why for your sake. Then, in future, when someone else has a similar problem, they’ll have you to thank for the quick answer. Our staff deserve our sincere thanks and appreciation. Without them, we would not be able to do what we had done in the past, nor serve you as well as we do now at present. Nor expand and develop the milieu of outwardly or inwardly passionate hydrophyte-minded individuals for the future.

Looking forward to hear from you. We will be glad to assisst you.. Thank you.

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