The humble pump is a crucial and pivotal part of any water feature, and the right pump can make a world of change to your bodies of H2O.


Our shop’s pump selection has an all-inclusive array that will satisfy all your pump-related wants and needs. Our premium and customisation-a-plenty Oase pumps will do nicely for any water feature or clear water pond. They come with a three, four or five-year warranty depending, of course, on the model in particular. For fountains or ponds on a smaller scale, we recommend the pumps that go by Clearpond Infiniti Italian.


Are you interested in Solar energy? Then why not browse the praised assemblage of solar-powered pumps offered by Oase. Some have a backup battery, so it can run all day long – even if the Sun heads in for the night.


For the filthy ponds among us, might we recommend Blagdon’s Midipond line of pumps? Lacking, by design, any internal sponges, sediment is unlikely to clog it up – a common feature of the murky shallow depths.


If you want to ensure your water’s crystal clarity, acquire pressure filters accompanied by a UV clarifier. You don’t have to stay-put that long to work water-quality wonders if you keep them running for a full 24-hour cycle day.


We have all that and more in our store, so please, feel free to explore, ask about, and select the pump that best fits your wants and needs.

Group of hot water circulating pumps installed in boiler room
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